Good question! Pretty much the original intent behind 2 Black Cats was to have an e-mail address out on the web where we could stay in contact with friends and family. Over the years this web site has been abused and tortured as target practice bullseye for ideas both good and bad (mostly bad). If you have visited this site before you will understand. Never pretty, organized, or even made sense. There was even an attempt at being educational!

Today as it was back in 2000, 2 Black Cats is the home page for Bill and Carol who happen to own; 2 Black Cats. While taking a XHTML Web Development class at Macon State College in Macon Ga., The "idea" came to him to update the 2 Black Cats web site as part of his class project. So now the intent is to have a simple easy to maintain site. One that doesn't have big ideas that are hard to keep up with, and more importantly, looks good! So where are the cats you ask? Just just click on either pair of eyes at the top! Just as soon as we find a good program that displays pictures as an album you can bet there will be pictures of cats everywhere!

Who knows, maybe a blog or something foolish is in the future as well. But for now we will try to keep things simple and hopefully over time it will get more interesting. For now though, the latest addition is the House From Hell.

A funny

What's new Around Here?

30 Nov 2007 - More Website changes
*Whew*, This website stuff is a lot of work! There have been quite a few updates lately, most due to the impending final exam for Bill's Web Development class. This page will always be a work in progress and saying that, the Jokes and Truthor Fiction pages will sadly be the last things to get done after finals are over. The intent behind these is to have a place for Friends and Family to go and chkec ont the latest joke or hoax circulating the internet. Hey, come to think of it, maybe just putting a link to may just be the trick instead of a whole section trying to explain how something isn't really true. There goes that educational attempt again.bullseye Meh, We'll take the Truth or Fiction section out later. For now, enjoy what we have, just keep in mind that some areas aren' finished yet. So come back often!
18 Nov 2007 - SCUBA Certified at last!
After a very long time waiting, illnesses, school, schedule conflicts, and too many other excuses to list here Bill has finally finished his Open Water SCUBA diver certification! What next? A cruise to the Carribbean again so now he can get REALLY up close and personal to the underwater world! It's all about bottom time baby! Humm, maybe a SCUBA page in in the works?
10 Oct 2007 - House from hell cont'd
Well the latest story here is that we finally found the water leak in the master shower! Yay I think. It took some doing but a 5 gallon buck of water, a duct tape plug, and 5 minutes in the crawl space, but at least we know WHERE it is coming from. It seems the shower pan was broken upon installation and the water leaks between the pan and OSB floorboard. Yep, got pictures of it. So why the write up here? After consulting a tile installer who came highly recommended by our original tile supplier for a quote to repair, we were just a bit shocked by the cost. $3,750.00! WITHOUT the cost of tile.


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